Wildes endorses Rothman as two come together in Ninth Congressional Race

(Englewood)- Through the successful intervention of Bergen County Democratic Chairman Lou Stellato, the campaign for the House in the Ninth Congressional district remains a two way fight.  After talks throughout the past week between former Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes, Stellato and party leaders, Wildes has announced his support for Congressman Steve Rothman at a press conference held at Rothman's Englewood campaign office after deciding against making a run for Congress himself.

“I believe in win-win scenarios,” said Stellato.  “For the Democratic Party to grow, we have to protect our current assets and create future ones.”

“I have had a series of discussions with Mayor Wildes and I appreciate his willingness to put aside for now his lifelong dream to serve and join with Congressman Rothman to build an even stronger Bergen County Democratic Party for us all,” continued Stellato.  “Due to his record, resume and proven fundraising ability, Michael Wildes will make a great candidate for the Bergen County Democratic Committee in a future congressional race.”

“I am going to do everything I can for Steve Rothman in this and future campaigns,” said Wildes. “In direct discussions with Chairman Stellato and Congressman Rothman this past week, I was convinced that we have found a common ground to work together to expand Bergen County’s influence for even stronger representation in the years ahead on national and international issues.”

“Clearly Steve Rothman is key to our successes, now and in the future,” continued Wildes.  “During the past twenty years, Congressman Rothman has been the most consistently popular elected official in Bergen County for a reason; Steve delivers for the people he represents.  I know he will continue to do so for Hudson and Passaic counties as well.”

"I am grateful to have the support of Michael Wildes, he was a dedicated and caring public servant who exemplifies the leadership we need in government.   Someday Michael will make an outstanding congressman," said Rothman.  "He served for two terms as the Mayor of my hometown of Englewood and during that period proved to be a tenacious campaigner.  I am excited that he will be working as part of our campaign."

Rothman also praised Chairman Lou Stellato for keeping the party unified, "Lou Stellato is the ultimate consensus builder who has united a previously fractured Democratic Party in Bergen County.  He should be commended for creating an environment that ensures that all members of the party have a seat at the table."

Wildes agreed.  "Lou embodies the definition of true leadership. Nobody has done more for the Democrats in Bergen County than Steve Rothman," concluded Stellato.  “I know that Steve and Michael working together will further strengthen our Party for years to come.”